A Study of Visual Image Expression Using AR; About [Extended Body-AR]


Human beings developed tools in order to overcome their physical limitations. The development of tools progressed along with the development of civilization, and discussions about science and technology were extensions of the development of tools. Technology, as a tool, has long been an excuse for those advocating the evolution of technology; in this sense, human beings formed a relationship with tools, and came to consider tools as extensions of the human body.

However, when technology is too complex, it acts as a restriction to human beings; thus, technology becomes a pseudo-person with whom we have a difficult relationship. In addition, technology has alienated the poor and women by colluding with capitalism.

Nevertheless, modern digital technology was not born to be monopolized by a specific class even though it may not be kind. In other words, it was born to distribute skills and knowledge more cheaply and broadly. Human alienation, a problem pointed out by tech-philosophers, should not be ignored but recognized as a problem to be solved. Technology itself does not intend to discriminate against a specific group or contribute to the emergence of a new class. In other words, technology can remain as a tool that is fair to everyone.

In addition, although this pessimistic and critical view of new technology exists, some technologies are adopted in art fields such as Video Art, Media Art, Computer Art, and New Media Art. Moreover, when radically developed media expands to take on the form of a movie or an animation, we refer to them as an extended movie and extended animation, respectively.

The work, <Extended Body-AR>, aims at 1) exploring a new video expression method as a kind of extended media art with AR technology and 2) expressing the concept of technology as a convenient tool that is an extension of the human body and not a tool that exists to alienate human beings.

2011년 10월 07일 한국디자인학회회에서 발표하고, 2012년 겨울에 논문집에 게재되었습니다.

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